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Elevating The Fitness Level Of New Parents With The Proper Stroller


For parents looking for a new way to raise their fitness and want to have their children participate with them when working out, then getting a jogging stroller is a brilliant idea. No matter your activity level, there is a perfect stroller out there for you. While Chicco is perhaps best known for their extremely high quality car seats, they also make terrific and dependable running strollers. The Activ3 is the perfect example of performance and comfort that your kids will love riding in. This is a great jogger to take your child out into the world in their very first adventure. There may be other top rated brand names that rank high in current jogging stroller reviews, Chicco is quickly making a name for themselves in this area of child and exercise equipment.

Features of the Activ3

The stroller is recommend for kids up to 50 lbs. Children who ride in the Activ3 are protected from sunlight and rain by the full coverage extendable canopy. The parents can adjust the canopy to cover almost the entire stroller. There is a window which allows the parents to check on their children conveniently. For the comfort of the children the stroller comes with a multi-position reclining seat which allows the parents to adjust it to the levels the children are optimally comfortable. There is also an adjustable five point harness which further enhances the safety and comfort of the children.

The fabric used to make the stroller is tough and water resistant. This fabric is wipe-able therefore making it easy to clean the stroller. The stroller also has a height adjustable handle. The handle has four height levels which allow the parents to adjust it to the levels which they are most comfortable. It also has hand activated parking brakes which locks the rear wheels conveniently. There is also a hand activated swive lock which provides the necessary stability while running or jogging.

For smooth rides while strolling or running in different terrains the stroller is fitted with FlexCore suspension. The suspension can be adjusted simple toe tap. It is also fitted with three maintenance free rubber wheels with one being on the front and two at the back. The wheels being maintenance free means that they cannot go flat and they are durable. The front wheel is swiveling which makes maneuvering easy.

The handle bar of the stroller is designed in a way that it can be removed to allow the stroller to fit in a car seat. There is also a parent tray and an ample basket which provide the parents with space to keep thing such as water bottles and mobile phones.

Carrying and storing the Chicco Activ3  is made easy because it is made using a sporty aluminum frame. This frame is both light and durable because aluminum is one of the lightest but toughest metals. Storing the stroller is simple because it can be folded to a standing or a flat fold. The standing fold makes it convenient to store it in a garage while the flat fold makes it convenient to keep it in a trunk of a car. The dimensions of the stroller while open are 33.7 inches by 21.8 inches by 12.2 inches and its total weight is fifty pounds. To ensure the parents and also their children enjoy using this particular stroller is has been designed in a modern style. All the features are carefully crafted with modern designs and good looking colors. This is especially the wheels which have a sporty appearance.


  • Air filled wheels which are fitted on the stroller makes it one of the toughest but comfortable strollers. Children receive a comfortable ride even over rough terrain.
  • The safety bar provides optimum safety because the child is held in place even during accidents such as the stroller falling over.
  • The large canopy is helpful especially while jogging or running in sunny conditions since it covers the child completely.
  • The fact that there is a window on the canopy ensure the parents are able to check on their children easily.
  • The fact that it can be folded into different positions also makes it very convenient to carry and store the stroller.
  • Being able to fit in a car saves parents from the trouble of buying a stroller and an infant car seat because this particular stroller can play both roles.
  • Its fabric is easy to clean and water resistant therefore making the stroller convenient to use.
  • It has a stylish and sporty design which makes it more suitable especially for the modern parents.


  • It might be challenging to learn how to steer the stroller especially for people who have not used it before.
  • Some parents complain that it is heavier than some other joggers that they have used.

Our Verdict

It is evident that the Chicco Activ3 jogger is ideal for a busy parent who likes to find inventive ways to workout. The many modern and well designed features makes it be regarded as one of the top jogging strollers. This is despite the few negative issues which are associated with this stroller. Therefore, this particular stroller is suitable and it provides good value for money.


Top 3 Budget Toaster Oven Options For 2017


Cooking with a toaster oven can be a tremendous benefit in the kitchen. Not only can they reduce your workload, but they can also save you money. With one of these convenient small appliances on your counter you can all but stop using your standard sized oven. Sure they can make toast, but they can also do so much more that it makes not having one of these ovens in your home seem almost criminal. While there are plenty of high end models on the market that come with a lot of high end features, it is still possible to get something that will help you cook your family some delicious meals without having to splurge. Below are 3 of top rated toaster ovens of 2017 for anyone on a tight budget.

Waring Pro TCO650

This is one of the less expensive countertop oven models that also has a convection feature. This allows you to reduce the amount of time it takes to cook your favorite recipes while ensuring that everything is done on all sides to perfection. It can accommodate up to 6 slices of toast which makes it big enough for a small family. There is no need to turn your big oven on when one of these is sitting on your kitchen counter. It comes with simple to use preset cooking functions that will let you bake, broil, and toast. From frozen pizza to pot roast, the Waring Pro is capable of producing succulent results without all of the hassle. For the price, around $80, it will give you excellent value.


Don’t let the nondescript moniker fool you, this little oven by Oster has made a name for itself among amateur chefs. It is a large unit that can fit up to 6 slices of bread. You can cook an entire chicken and it has enough room for a 13×9 cooking pan. This model also has a convection baking setting that lets you prepare everything faster and makes sure that your food is done thoroughly on all sides. It gets up to temperature rather quickly so you do not have to wait. It is a pretty straight forward toaster oven that gets the job done. This model also comes in around the $80 mark which is pretty good considering all that it can do. It is quite popular with owners and, being a budget option, receives some decent feed back and reviews from users.


Even though this is another countertop oven that cost around $80 it has some of the design and performance qualities of more expensive models. The first thing that you will not is the styling. It looks very similar to the higher end Breville and Cuisinart ovens that have a stainless steel body and a blue LCD display screen. For the price, the modern design is outstanding. For basic cooking needs this is a brilliant choice. It can fit up to a 12″ sized pizza and it has a 2 hour timer. Simple to use push button controls and presettings are also a nice touch. This is another popular oven that gets nice feedback and for the price it is also will deliver very good value.

Benefits Of Using A Toaster Oven

If you spend any time at all in the kitchen then you know how tedious it can be the make home made meals for your family. Your standard oven is extremely powerful, but it is also slow, a drain on your energy bill, and it is a pain to keep clean. This is where having a toaster oven can make your life a whole lot easier without having to sacrifice the taste of your food. A smaller oven will heat up faster and be very easy to clean. Today’s cooking technology has advanced to the point to where you are really not sacrificing anything by substituting one of these smaller more efficient ovens for your old behemoth. You can bake cookies are you can prepare a casserole. Short of preparing a huge Thanksgiving turkey, modern countertop ovens can handle just about anything that you throw at them and they can do it in less time. Save yourself some trouble and enjoy your time in the kitchen more by getting one of these for your home. Your food might tastes that much better when you don’t have to work as hard to make it.


The Smart Choice For Juicing Your Green Veggies


Juicing, in general, is a superb way to combat years of neglecting your diet. Fast food, sugary sodas, and indulgent desserts can be quite addictive and taste delicious, but over time these bad eating habits can wreak havoc with your health. Getting the proper amount of fresh vegetables and fruits is essential to a well rounded diet. Unfortunately, most of us to not have the time nor the inclination to sit down and eat what we know we are supposed to for optimal health. This is why having a juice extractor handy in the kitchen is so appealing. You can get most of the natural goodness out of the foods you should be eating condensed down into an easy to consume glass of fresh juice. Juicers have really caught on and gone from beyond a fad for health nuts to an essential small appliance for people with busy schedules.

While owning any type of juicer and using it regularly will definitely be beneficial to anyone who has a suspect diet, there are slight differences between the different types of juicing machines being sold that beginners should know. For the greatest benefit, juicing leafy green veggies is going to give you the sharpest increase in vitamins and minerals and the best juicers for handling these types of vegetables are going to be masticating extractors.

Advantages of Masticating Juicers

Most people who get into juicing do so with the idea that they would like to use ingredients like kale, spinach, broccoli, and chard, just to name a few. These leafy vegetables get a lot of hype and press about how wonderful they are and how dense their nutrient makeup is. But to get the most out of these foods, you are going to want to get a masticating machine, and here is why.

Slow Juicing – The way in which these machines work is with the use of force and pressure. The main part that does all of the work of a masticating juicer is known as an auger. It looks like a giant screw. As food moves along the auger grinds and breaks down the pulp. It is then moved further down towards the end cap where immense pressure is built up. At this point the pulp is squeezed to separate the juice. It is pretty simple, quiet, and is perfect for leafy items. The pulp that leaves the machine is usually relatively dry and the juice contains lower amounts of air which can lead to oxidation.

Juice Quality – The lower risk of oxidation means that the juice will take longer to spoil. You can store it in your fridge for longer than the juice the comes from a centrifugal juicer. Using this method of juicing is a lot more efficient and you will get more juice, and nutrients into your glass. The overall quality is going to be much better with these types of vegetables than when you use a centrifugal machine.

Noise Level – As an added bonus, masticating juicers are much less noisy since they run at much slower speeds.

Nothing Is Perfect

You will no doubt get more juice, better quality, and have a machine that won’t wake up everyone, but there may be some drawbacks.

Not A Speed Demon – The main reason why centrifugal juice extractors are so appealing to a lot of people is how fast they are able to get the job done. Masticating machines require slightly more patience. This is something to keep in mind if you are always in a hurry for things to get done.

Price – These types of juicers are typically a little more expensive. You will have a bigger initial investment if you go this route, however, being as they are much more efficient they will end up saving you money on the produce you buy over time.

Popular Brands

There are a few brand names that stand out for the quality of their masticating juicers. Omega is by far going to be your best choice. For years they have built a reputation of making some of the most versatile and dependable juicing machines and this should probably be your first option. They also have exceptionally long warranty terms should something break. Kuvings and Tribest are two other alternatives that produce some interesting masticating machines worth considering.

Going Green

If you have been thinking about trying to juice in order to improve your diet, then going green is going to be the most beneficial path. While kale and spinach juice may not seem all that appetizing, the beauty of juicing is all of the different recipes that you can experiment with to get something that is healthy but is also tasty. Adding a sweet fruit like and apple or some berries can transform that green juice into something truly exciting. A masticating juicer is one small appliance that can truly change the way that you feel, for the better.