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One Child Car Seat That Can Do It All For Parents

As a Mom I am always looking to ways to make my life easier and to save a little money along the way. When I had to get a new car seat I took the philosophy to heart. I discovered that getting an All-in-One child seat just made the most sense for me. Why should I buy an infant seat when they are little, then graduate to convertible seat for the next few years, and then have to get a booster seat in the last step. This is a lot of money I would have to spend on three separate seats and it doesn’t make a lot of sense when I can just get one seat that can do everything for me. I made up my mind that this was the right direction for us and got something that has been exceptional for our family.

After almost going blind reading so many different child seat reviews I ended up buying the Graco 4Ever. It is ranked really high in current car seat ratings and it is a terrific all in one option for parents like me. This is one seat that has a lot going for it and is sure to provide your family with something safe, reliable, comfortable and easy to use. Our child loves riding in the 4Ever and gives it a huge (or little) thumbs up.

As you can see, the features on the 4Ever are seriously impressive. After just a few months of use here are just some of the things that we have grown to love about this particular model.

  • Incredible lifespan of 10 years that ensures that this is going to be the only seat that we will ever need. I don’t have to worry about getting a convertible or booster seat later on.
  • Supreme value for the money. Graco is typically a mid range brand name, but for the amount you spend on the 4Ever you are going to get years of value. It is almost a bargain for the price.
  • Safety tested and passes all standards. This is the most important aspect for a child seat and the protection features built into this model will help put your mind at ease.
  • Two cup holders will save you a lot of hassle and is a must have for any new car seat.
  • The materials used are comfortable, breathable, and they are easy to wash. Our child falls asleep pretty fast which is always a good sign. She loves going for a ride and has a real blast sightseeing from the back seat of the car.
  • Installation is also pretty straight forward and easy to get down. We do switch our convertible seat between different vehicles frequently but is a rather simple process with this model.
  • It has only been a few months but the durability seems to be there. We are not worried about how the seat will hold up over time and getting out spots and stains has also been a painless process.

You can probably tell that it did not take us long to fall in love with our new purchase. We fretted about getting something that everyone would love and we are thankful that we came across this one here. We enjoy it so much that we thought we would post this to help any other Moms and Dads out there who might be in the same situation. All in one seats are the way to go and you will be hard pressed to find something that is going to offer this amount of quality for the price.